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Venice Criminal Defense Attorney Max Gorby has more than 19 years of experience defending individuals against criminal charges that originate from the LAX Superior Courthouse.  If you have been arrested in the Venice area, you will need a lawyer who has experience in dealing with the Los Angeles Police Department, the LAX branch of the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office, and the Los Angeles City Prosecutor’s Office.  Criminal Defense Attorney Max Gorby has been successful in contacting these agencies before going to court in an effort to have your criminal charges dismissed before the initial court date.

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You are innocent unless proven guilty and the burden of proving your guilt rests entirely upon the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office in the LAX Branch.  It may be possible to reduce the charges against you to a lesser offense or otherwise negotiate an alternative resolution to your case.  I can help answer some of the questions you may have regarding your case, such as:

  • Did the police violate my constitutional rights?
  • What are the next steps in the legal process?
  • What are the chances of accomplishing a reduction in the charges?
  • Is it possible to be incarcerated for my alleged offense?
  • Are there any alternative programs to avoid possible incarceration?

When you are looking for a lawyer, you need aggressive and experienced counsel to successfully defend your rights.  I have handled countless criminal cases in the LAX Superior Court.  When you are facing criminal charges, don’t risk your liberty and future.

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The Courthouse and Los Angeles District Attorney’s Airport Branch is located at:

Airport Branch Office
11701 South La Cienega Blvd., #601
Los Angeles, Ca. 90045

Phone 310-727-6500
Fax 310-727-0565

LAPD Pacific Community SubStation
12312 Culver Blvd.
Los Angeles, Ca 90066

Phone: 310-482-6334

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West District – Airport Courthouse


Venice or Venice Beach was founded by tobacco millionaire Abbot Kinney in 1905 as a beach resort town, 14 miles (23 km) west of Los Angeles. He and his partner Francis Ryan had bought two miles (3.24 km) of oceanfront property south of Santa Monica in 1891. They built a resort town on the north end of the property called Ocean Park, which was soon annexed to Santa Monica. After Ryan died, Kinney and his new partners continued building south of Navy Street in the unincorporated territory. After the partnership dissolved in 1904, Kinney built on the marshy land on the south end of the property, intending to create a seaside resort like its namesake in Italy.
When Venice Beach opened on July 4, 1905, Kinney had dug several miles of canals to drain the marshes for his residential area, built a 1,200-foot (370 m)-long pleasure pier with an auditorium, ship restaurant, and dance hall, constructed a hot salt-water plunge, and built a block-long arcaded business street with Venetian architecture. Tourists, mostly arriving on the “Red Cars” of the Pacific Electric Railway from Los Angeles and Santa Monica, then rode Venice’s miniature railroad and gondolas to tour the town. But the biggest attraction was Venice’s mile-long gently sloping beach. Cottages and housekeeping tents were available for rent.

Venice Beach Substation

The Los Angeles Police Department’s beach SubStation is located in the heart of Venice Beach at 1530 W. Ocean Front Walk. Venice is “world famous” for its beach which draws crowds in excess of 500,000 during summer weekends. The Los Angeles Police Department maintains a highly visible police presence on the beach and strives to provide a safe and secure environment for residents and tourists alike. Due to the special needs of policing a beach environment, the Los Angeles Police Department has employed a number of innovative policing methods such as deploying officers in shorts and T-shirts, on bicycles and in 4×4 vehicles for use on the sand. While public safety remains an officers’ primary concern, personnel assigned to the beach detail are also responsible for crime suppression, vending enforcement issues and locating lost children in and around the Venice Beach area. The Los Angeles Police Department LAX Substation is located at 802 World Way. The LAPD maintains a highly visible police presence at the airport and strives to provide a safe and secure environment for air travelers. The LAPD LAX Substation is not only responsible for the security and safety of the residents of the City of Los Angeles but also for the millions of national and international travelers who pass through the West Coast’s busiest airport each year. Officers assigned to the airport detail also participate in a variety of undercover activities to prevent narcotics trafficking and organized crime at the airport.