“I was out to dinner with my children and other family members. After dinner, I drove home with the children and I was pulled over. Against good judgement, I had some drink and felt fine. Unfortunately, I was arrested for a DUI. Unbeknownst to me, having the children in the car also led to felony child endangerment charges. After two hours I blew a .08 and spent the night in county jail. I called Max and made an appointment to meet the following week. He helped to not only dismiss the child endangerment charges but also to reduce my DUI to a Wet and Reckless. This was a surreal experience for myself and my family and having Max available to answer any questions and guide us through this experience meant a lot. He mentioned that this was going to take time and was a long process. Afraid of the unknown, my wife and I wanted this over ASAP. Max told us to be patient and he was exactly right. Everything went as Max had planned. He was cool and calm and at the end everything worked out for the best. I would recommend Max to anyone in need of a good lawyer.” April 3 2017. Renee T.

“Last year, I went out for my birthday and had too much too drink. After I got in the car, I made a wide turn and crashed my car onto someone’s front lawn. I tore up the homeowner’s bushes and garden. Luckily I didn’t hit anyone, but since I had a previous DUI, the judge was pissed off. They wanted to send me to jail, but after going to court a few times, Max saved me from more jail time. I really owe him!”  Carla W.


“I hired Defense Attorney Max Gorby to represent my son on a DUI charge, possession of prescription drugs without a prescription, and driving without a valid drivers license. Out of four separate charges, Mr. Gorby got three of them dismissed. My son only had to do an out patient program and is now finished with everything. Max will give 100% in a fight for your freedom, and will not leave you and will not drop you in the process. I feel like he did the absolute best for my son!” Mark L.


“I had a bad car accident after a very rare night of heavy drinking and hit another driver. Within one day, Mr. Gorby made contact with the prosecutor’s office to discuss reducing the charges to a misdemeanor. After a very contentious court battle, I finally was given an opportunity to only have a misdemeanor on my record. I saw how hard my lawyer worked for me and I appreciated having Mr. Gorby on my side every step of the way. He is a no nonsense, smart and an honest lawyer that fought hard for me and explained the process along the way. I would recommend him to anyone.” Carl C


“When I went to Max Gorby’s office for the first time, I was pretty nervous. I had a DUI a while back and was afraid of going to jail. Max negotiated a resolution that did not require going to county jail and I was so relieved! He was able to negotiate a plea deal that made me feel very satisfied with the outcome. He promised to take care of the case and did not delegate it to any other lawyer. He put my mind at rest. I highly recommend him!” Tony A.


“I was arrested for Felony Domestic Violence after my girlfriend caught me cheating.  We had a mutual pushing match, but the cops said since I was the man, I was going to jail.  I had no idea what to do, so I found Max Gorby on the internet, and after meeting him, I felt like I was in good hands.  Thank you Max for letting me move on with my life.”  Alex C.


“If I had to have a lawyer defending me in court I would always to look for Max Gorby.  I had an alcohol problem for many many years.  I was arrested for DUI and then bailed out of jail.  During my case I was also arrested for public intoxication.  Max got me into a treatment center, and he truly helped me turn my life around.”  Antonio G.


“Wow!  What a major hassle the court system was.  I went to court without a lawyer because I thought I didn’t need one.  I showed up waited half a day, and the public defender refused to read to me the entire police report.  When I tried to make an appointment to meet her, I never was able to.  I didn’t have much money, but I saw Max’s website and thought I would get a free opinion.  I ended up firing the public defender and hiring Max to defend me.  Best decision I ever made.”Arthur G.


“I was arrested for breaking into my neighbors house.  I made a bad decision but never thought it would be such a serious problem.  My mother hired Max Gorby.  At first I really thought I didn’t even need a lawyer, but once I went to court I quickly realized the only person on my side was Max.  I started asking some friends about the reputation of the Norwalk courthouse and everyone told me it was the worst in all of Los Angeles County.  If anyone ever has a case in Norwalk, don’t go alone, unless you want to go straight to prison.  Max Gorby saved me from having a strike against me.  Thanks Max!” Dave F.

“Max, thank you! I honestly do not think I would have been able to deal with the stress without your guidance.  I now realize how strict our courts can be without having a lawyer.  I will put this nightmare case behind me and hopefully never be in that situation again.  thank you.”  Phillip R.


“I was arrested on new years eve for a felony DUI car accident.  Even though it was not my fault, the prosecutor tried to put me in jail.  I hired Max Gorby to defend me for this one time mistake in my life.  He made sure I was not going to jail!”  Jerry G.


“A year ago, I got arrested for spousal battery.  I caught my wife cheating when I went through her cell phone, and lost my temper.  We have two kids together and have spent many years together.  I know I messed up and was really scared when I got arrested.  After I paid $5,000 for a bail bond, I really didn’t have much money left.  I found Max Gorby online, but was worried I couldn’t afford him.  Once I got to his office he worked out a flexible payment plan for me, so we both felt comfortable.  Now that a year has gone by, I am happy to say that I completed a one year domestic violence counseling program and I am back home living with my wife and kids.  I will never forget Max’s help.”  Armin A.


“The only time I ever got in trouble with law, I figured I could deal it by myself.  I was caught cutting some security tags at a Target.  I was only 19 and had no money to get a lawyer.  My parents and I went to court, and the public lawyer told be to plead guilty to Burglary.  I asked my dad what I should do, and he told me to postpone the whole thing so we can find a lawyer.  We sure did find a lawyer.  Max Gorby immediatlely called the lawyer or judge or somebody, and was able to change my charges.  I am so grateful to Max who kept my record clean, and my father who hired Max to defend me.”  Douglas K.


“I got caught driving on a suspended license right after I was convicted for a DUI.  At first the judge told my lawyer I was going to jail since I just got a DUI a month before.  Even my own lawyer told me there was no other way but jail.  I went to go looking for a new lawyer and found Max Gorby. He came to court with a letter from my job how I show up everyday, and talked real smooth to the judge.  In the end, Max Gorby kept me out of jail.”  Ron A.


“I got back together with my ex-wife after we had a nasty divorce.  That was the biggest mistake of my life.  We had consensual sex, and she decides to call the cops to claim that I raped her to get back at me for all the crap I put her through during our marriage.  The best choice I ever made in my life was hiring Max Gorby.  This lawyer had my entire case dismissed before we even got to court.  That was a big relief.” John M.


“I was on probation for my second DUI, when I got caught for my third DUI.  I knew I was in big trouble, and I also knew that the judges in Torrance Court are really strict since my second DUI was already in Torrance.  So I hired Max Gorby thinking no matter who I hire, I was going to jail.  Everyone told me, no matter if you have a lawyer or not, you are going to jail.  Max gently suggested that enter rehab.  I was resistant because I thought I could handle my alcohol.  Rehab showed me I had a problem.  And Max showed the DA I was working on fixing that problem.  He got me off all jail time, and since rehab, I have not had a drink since.  The judge, the district attorney, my counselors at rehab and certainly my lawyer, Max Gorby, all helped to save my life.  I am a completely different person today!”  Matthew W.


” I got into a fight outside my house with a local gang member and a few of his friends.  I ran into my house, and came back with my gun, and all the gang members ran away.  Then a neighbor called the cops because she saw these gang members and me with a gun.  The cops arrested me for showing my gun to a bunch of thugs.  They called it brandishing a firearm and kept on telling me I was guilty.  My lawyer Max Gorby went to court and explained how afraid I was of these guys.  He got the case dropped and I never had a problem since.”  Brian K.


“I am happy I called the law office of Max Gorby.  I was being investigated for fraud and embezzlement because of some problems with the accounting of my previous job.  Max got the whole thing squashed, I never got arrested, and I never had to go to court.  I recommend him to anyone who is under an investigation, because he will be active in your defense.”  Cathy C.


“Attorney Max Gorby negotiated hard with the prosecutor.  He saved me from state prison for my 4th offense of DUI.  He found a live in rehab center for me, and I am on the right path to sobriety.  I still struggle with it, but my entire life has improved since Max found a great rehab for me.  I am so thankful I hired him.”  Marlin D.


“When I came to California, I was with my daughter on a cross country trip.  I had a bad alcohol problem and while crossing the street on Sunset Blvd., I fell down because I was drunk.  Some witnesses called the police and I was arrested for felony child endangerment and a misdemeanor of public intoxication.  Max got the felony dismissed, and I was able to do some AA classes back home in Florida. Thanks for everything Max!”  Brian R.


“I have never been arrested in my life.  Unfortunately, one night I was driving and I hit a pedestrian that jumped right in front of my car.  I got really scared and left.  Some witness saw my license plate and called the cops.  I totally messed up, and didn’t know who to turn to.  I saw on the internet that Max Gorby handled a lot of driving type crimes.  So I went to his office not knowing what to expect. After leaving I knew whatever happened, Max was going to figure out how to resolve this.  I am happy to say, the person I hit has recovered, and I have learned a big, big lesson without having to go to jail.  I will never do that again.”  Adam H.


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