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Encino Criminal Defense Attorney Max Gorby has more than 19 years of experience defending individuals against criminal charges that originate from the Van Nuys Superior Courthouse.  If you have been arrested in the Encino area, you will need a lawyer who has experience in dealing with the Los Angeles Police Department, the Van Nuys branch of the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office, and the Van Nuys City Prosecutor’s Office.  Criminal Defense Attorney Max Gorby has been successful in contacting these agencies before going to court in an effort to have your criminal charges dismissed before the initial court date.

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You are innocent unless proven guilty and the burden of proving your guilt rests entirely upon the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office in the Van Nuys Branch.  It may be possible to reduce the charges against you to a lesser offense or otherwise negotiate an alternative resolution to your case.  I can help answer some of the questions you may have regarding your case, such as:

  •  Did the police violate my constitutional rights?
  • What are the next steps in the legal process?
  • What are the chances of accomplishing a reduction in the charges?
  • Is it possible to be incarcerated for my alleged offense?
  • Are there any alternative programs to avoid possible incarceration?

When you are looking for a lawyer, you need aggressive and experienced counsel to successfully defend your rights.  I have handled countless criminal cases in the Van Nuys Superior Court.  When you are facing criminal charges, don’t risk your liberty and future.

Call Encino Criminal Defense Attorney Max Gorby at (323) 477-2819

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The Van Nuys Courthouse is located at:

Van Nuys Courthouse West
14400 Erwin Street Mall
Van Nuys, CA 91401

Phone: 818-374-2903

Van Nuys Branch Office
6230 Sylmar Ave., Rm. 201
Van Nuys, Ca. 91401

Phone: 818-374-2400
Fax: 818-782-5349

The Los Angeles Police Department covers the entire city of Encino.  The Police Station that covers the Encino Jurisdiction is located at:

West Valley Community Police Station
19020 Vanowen Street
Reseda, CA 91335


The City of Encino is under the jurisdiction of the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office for misdemeanor prosecutions.  The City Attorney’s Office has a Van Nuys branch located at:

Van Nuys – Braude Branch
Marvin Braude Bldg.
6262 Van Nuys Blvd., Suite 160
Van Nuys, 91401


Encino Local History
Encino is also a place of unique origins. In 1769 Gasper de Portola landed in theMonterey region of California. During his expedition he was greeted by several hundred Grabielino Indians near Encino Springs under the mighty oak trees that would Encino its name, which is Spanish for “oak tree.” Within a generation, Encino Springs was know throughout California. He returned to Spain after claiming the territory for the King and Queen of Spain.
In 1810, as a result of the Mexican Revolution, Rancho Los Encinos was granted to the favored Grabielino Indians. At that time the rancho covered about seven square miles. However, with the coming of U.S. laws and taxes in the 1840s, the heirs of the orginal land grant lost ownership of the land and it eventually ended up in the hands of Vincent De La Ossa. De La Ossa built a sizeable adobe (which still stands), grazed 500 cattle, and employeed 20 ranch hands until he died in the 1860s.
Eugene and Phillipe Garnier bought the property and built the Encino Roadhouse which became a twice-a-day stop for both the Butterfield and the Overland Mail Stage between Los Angeles and San Francisco. They also diversified the ranch and raised sheep, wheat, and barley. In the early 20th Century the community of Encino began to be developed.
The Encino Chamber of Commerce began in 1927, but was temporarily disbanded during the great depression. The Chamber, which was revived in 1936, worked closely with the community to assist in the development of Encino. Just off Ventura and Balboa Boulevards is the Los Encinos State Park which still includes some of the original buildings constructed by the Garniers.


The boundaries of Encino are:

  • North – Victory Blvd.
  • South – Mulholland Dr.
  • West – Lindley Ave.
  • East – San Diego Freeway
Van Nuys Courthouse
14400 Erwin Street Mall
Van Nuys, CA 91401

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Northwest District – Van Nuys Courthouse West