Once you’ve arrested for drunk driving, one of the first thing that should come into your mind is to look for the best DUI lawyer. Because criminal laws are specialized field of laws, it may not always be easy for you to find the most qualified DUI attorney to help you with your case. 

Perhaps, due to worst, stressful and embarrassing experience you’re facing, you may not really know where you’re going to begin your search. Even though it’s ultimately depends on you whether to hire or not an attorney to represent you, still most people who are accused for DUI offense believed that having a DUI attorney at their side make a big difference than fighting their DUI case in court alone.

But, how are you going to start your search and how can you find the best one? Well, utilizing few of these tips can surely help you while doing your search for the best DUI lawyer.

  • Research Online

Researching online is one of the most effective and easiest ways to find the best DUI lawyer for your DUI case. The Internet is a very tremendous source that allows you to search dozens of law firms and attorneys without leaving your place or home. Most lawyers have their own websites that allows you to have a little information about them and the areas they are specialized with.

In addition, by checking and learning about some of the information of the lawyer before hiring them can help you to feel more comfortable in working with them.

  • Personal recommendations

Another best method that you can use to find a DUI attorney is through personal recommendations. You can ask recommendations from your trusted colleagues and friends. Personal recommendation is indeed one of the most effective methods that can help you to find the right one because your friends can tell you about the performance and qualifications of the lawyer they recommended. Also, you can ask about the costs of the service. Remember that not all DUI cases are the same. The information that you will get from your friends is very beneficial to change according to the facts or condition of your DUI case.

  • Meeting

The only way that you will feel comfortable in retaining another person to fight your battles for you in court is actually acquainting yourself with them. No one wants to be represented by someone who comes across as weak or not personable. The odds are that you want someone who intimidating, smart, witty, charismatic, and willing to do whatever it could take to make sure you stay out of trouble with the court system. Being arrested for driving under the influence can be a very embarrassing and stressful matter and finding the best DUI lawyer is another stressful job, but it is necessary.

However, there’s no need to stress yourself too much in looking for the most qualified DUI lawyer to represent you. Max B. Gorby can provide you all the necessary things you need for to win your DUI case because Max Gorby is experienced and knowledgeable enough when it comes to any DUI case. Attorney Gorby is reputable and can help you with every issue that you’re going through with your case. Most importantly, he can give you sound advice, encouragement and confidence to overcome the entire mess that is your DUI case. So, when you are looking for the best DUI lawyer to represent you, Max B. Gorby is your best option. Feel free to give him a call at (323) 477-2819 for all questions and concerns.

The most common question heard by DUI attorneys from their clients is “what type of defensive options do I have for my DUI case?” Being charged of DUI or Drunk under the Influence is a stressful, frightening and embarrassing experience. Apart from the emotional & financial costs of fighting your DUI charges, you also need to consider all possible physical costs of losing freedom if you’re incarcerated because of DUI conviction.

The good news is that there are quite a few defensive strategies that can be used to potentially gain reduce sentencing, negotiate lesser charges, obtain not guilty judgment from the jury or even a getting your case dismissed entirely. For you to know the best defense strategy for your DUI case and truths of your drunk driving charges, you really need to look for reliable and experienced DUI lawyers in Los Angeles. Here at the law offices of Max Gorby, we have enough knowledge and experiences necessary to formulate your DUI defense strategies. Not only will provide you the best defense strategy for your DUI case, but also give you the big chance to receive favorable result in your case.

When you are charged with DUI offense, there are many ways you could respond. The only thing you shouldn’t do is ignore that matter. DUI charges are not only additional traffic ticket. They are criminal offenses that carry severe and serious penalties, suspension of driving license, privileges, significant fines and even jail time. The best key to reduce the possibility of obtaining the most serious penalties or charges for your DUI case is to obtain a DUI lawyer who can highlight the weaknesses of trial’s case.

A person who had been accused of DUI crime is innocent until he or she is proven guilty. It’s not your duty to prove to the court that you are innocent. The state has the burden of trying to  prove that you’re guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. One of the very first things that you or your attorney will do is plead that you’re not guilty at your arraignment.

The main job of the accused is to raise the issue of doubt through highlighting weaknesses and mistakes in the prosecution’s case. In introducing doubt to the case, the accused should make it more difficult to the state in proving that he or she is driving while intoxicated. In doing so, you will be able to prove to the court that your innocence. When you have a solid dui lawyer, you can also rest assured that they can help you to make your statements stronger and more reasonable to the courts.

First and foremost, an experienced DUI attorney will challenge the fact that you were pulled over and arrested legally in the first place. Without probable cause to pull you over, the case could be dead in the water before it even starts. If you didn’t commit a traffic violation or give the police any reason to pull you over in the first place, a competent DUI lawyer will file a motion to suppress sighting that the 4th amendment to the constitution was violated.

Another defensive strategy that can be used for your DUI case is by questioning the reliability and validity of the field sobriety test. History has shown that these tests aren’t reliable whatsoever. For the reason, the test could prove to be inaccurate and show positive result under specific circumstances. Say for example you have medical condition, causing your eyes to jolt or jerk. You can also say that the test is conducted while the oncoming traffic headlights are shining to your eyes.

These DUI defense strategies can be very helpful to your drunk driving case. Though we can’t (or won’t) share all of our defensive strategies with the world on a website, our job at the Law Offices of Max Gorby is to give you an ease of mind. Feel free to call his law offices at (323) 447-2819 for any additional questions or concerns.

shutterstock_586192727Getting pulled over and arrested for a DUI is a traumatizing experience. It’s relatively safe to assume that you know of at least one person who has been pulled over and/or arrested for a DUI as it isn’t as uncommon of an occurrence as it once was. This isn’t to say that it will ever happen to you or a loved one, but in the event that it does, it’s imperative that you be informed on what happens during and after an arrest so you know the necessary steps you are to take to try to prevent a flaw on your record.

Let’s be frank–getting a DUI sucks. The long hours you might have spent in a holding cell waiting to be released could have been some of the longest hours of your life. The entire experience in itself makes you feel like a dirty criminal that robbed an old lady or punched a baby or worse. In addition to the dirty conditions of the “drunk tank” and the questionable characters you may have been sitting next to while waiting to be released, the idea of having a blemished record for a ugly mistake can make a person feel sick. Here at the Law Offices of Max Gorby, our only goal is to alleviate you of your concern and fight for you to make sure that your one mistake won’t cost you anything more than it already has.

The second you get out of the holding cell is a relieving, but short-lived moment. You are out of a perceived hell, but your car is impounded, your license is gone, and you have a court date that will determine if you go to jail or not pending the circumstances of your case (and how good your attorney is). This is no time to sulk or to wait and see what happens, however as there is little to no time to spare getting your life back on track.

The first thing you should do upon getting out of jail is to handle the time-sensitive matters at hand. These include, but are not limited to, finding an experienced attorney and requesting an APS (DMV) hearing. If you obtain an attorney first, your attorney can contest your license suspension or revocation as long as you speak with your attorney within 10 calendar days from the date of your arrest as your lawyer will need to request a hearing for you. If you or your attorney do not request this DMV hearing within the allotted 10 days, your license will become automatically suspended after 30 calendar days. Here at the Law Offices of Max Gorby, we take care of all of that for you. From the moment you sign us on to represent you, we will contact the DMV to ensure that you don’t lose your license immediately. In fact, we will handle the DMV matter in its entirety allowing you the extra time to handle your normal affairs. You just need to make sure that you contact us without too much delay.

Even though you may feel guilty leaving the holding cell you lived in for a few hours, keep in mind that an arrest does not make you guilty of anything. When you are released, you will be given a summons to appear in court on a specific date. This appearance is your first date with court and is called the arraignment. At the arraignment, the presiding judge will let you know what charges are against you. At this point, you have three options to respond: guilty, not guilty, or no contest. If you choose to plead guilty, you are giving up your right to fight and taking a plea bargain that could include hefty fines, community service, work release, court fees, and alcohol classes. If you choose not guilty, you are choosing to fight the case and try to get your charges lessened or dismissed. If you choose no contest, you are basically conceding the charge without admitting guilt or presenting a defense. In many cases, a no-contest plea will result in similar terms to the guilty plea.


If you choose the Law Offices of Max Gorby to fight your case for you, we won’t require you to even show up to the arraignment as we will show up on your behalf and enter the plea that you and our offices agreed on per our prior discussions about your case. Following the arraignment, we may file pretrial motions or negotiate a plea bargain (depending on the case). During this time, we will proactively and aggressively work on your case to do whatever we possibly can to either reduce your sentence or get your case dismissed entirely before the first time you have to show up in court.

If we can’t come to terms with the prosecuting attorney’s office, a trial will be set and held in court. This court is presided over by a judge with the verdict determined by a jury. After both hear all of the evidence and testimonies from the witnesses of both sides (defense and prosecution), the jury will go into liberation to decide upon a verdict. At this point, we await to hear the jury’s decision on the matter and if the verdict is guilty, the judge will determine the sentencing. If the verdict is not guilty, your case will be dismissed and you will walk out of court free and clear of any and all wrongdoing.

Here at the Law Offices of Max Gorby, we will do everything possible to alleviate the newly added stress to your life. If we can, we will nip your case in the bud and get it dismissed as soon as possible. If your case does happen to go to trial though, Attorney Gorby’s record of trial success will prove invaluable. Mr. Gorby doesn’t hold back any punches when it comes to fighting for you and he will take the gloves off for each and every one of his clients.

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DUI arrestIf you have a driver’s license, you know what those flashing red and blue on the top of a marked police car behind you mean– you are about to get pulled over. There are many things that can run through your mind the moment those lights turn on, but let’s be honest, the first is usually some kind of expletive. Knowing the law  is an important advantage you have when it comes to combating a DUI. Since we are professionals, the Law Offices of Max Gorby are here to help give you a few pointers on what not to do when you get pulled over for suspicion of driving under the influence.

First off, the only way to completely avoid a DUI conviction is to simply not drink and drive. There are far too many reasons for police officers to pull over drivers. For instance, if you have a broken tail light at the wrong time of the night, you could even be a victim of a bored, head hunting police officer (even though it’s not extremely common). Or if you happen to be leaving a bar at 2:02am, there is a possibility your little license plate that burnt out a week or so ago may get you pulled over. Either way, if you happen to get charged with a DUI, it’s important to consult an experienced DUI lawyer like Max Gorby as soon as you can. Facing jail time is not a fun situation. It’s important to find a DUI lawyer who’s been around the block a few times who focuses on DUI’s to help you get the best results possible for your case. No matter how guilty you may think you are, it’s very possible that you’re not.

That being said, it’s important for the general public to know the law. People don’t understand how easy it is to get a DUI in today’s world. Technically, you don’t even have to be drunk to be arrested for drunk driving. It takes very few drinks to be considered a “drunk driver” and you may not even feel any different than you did at lunch 5 hours earlier. It doesn’t matter how you feel, though. It matters how the police officer thinks you feel.

The Fourth Amendment of the Constitution protects the public from any unreasonable search and seizure. In other words, the police must have a valid reason for pulling you over and detaining you. If not, an experienced DUI lawyer like Max Gorby can effortlessly get your case dismissed in a suppression hearing. The only way to bypass this amendment is a DUI checkpoint where officers can stop any vehicle at their choosing without probably cause in order to see if they are within their legal right to drive a motor vehicle. Though a police officer needs to have probable cause to pull you over, the “probably cause” list is quite long. An officer can pull you over for anything from a broken taillight, dark tint, loud exhaust pipes, or even your little license plate light. It’s ultimately up to the officer’s discretion. But the moment they do pull you over and ask for your license and registration, there a few things you need to know.

If you are pulled over for suspicion of a DUI, try to keep your answers limited. You don’t want to talk too much to allow the officer any more “discretionary information” to keep you from going where you are trying to go. A lot of people make the mistake of trying to carry on a casual conversation with the officer with the idea that the cop “is just like me”. By doing this, you are not only burying yourself, but you are also hurting your chances in court if, for some reason, you are arrested for a DUI. Anything you say can affect you detrimentally later on in court. If the officer asks if you have had anything to drink, any answer that is synonymous with “ yes” automatically proves to the officer and the courts that you had been drinking. Regardless of the amount that you tell them that you drank, the next step would be to see exactly how much you’ve had to drink.

This step usually involves field sobriety tests, which brings us to our next “not to do” item: perform a field sobriety test. Complying with law enforcement is very important as a United States citizen, but field sobriety tests have been proven to be largely inaccurate and aren’t required by law. By performing a field sobriety test, you are again giving the officer more material to build a case against you. Being unable to lift a leg, touch your nose with the tip of your index finger, and recite the ABCs backwards does not mean you are under the influence, though it could mean you are a bit uncoordinated. But being uncoordinated isn’t a crime, it could just mean that sports aren’t your thing. So again, refrain from performing circus stunts in front of a small audience to prove your innocence…it likely won’t help.sobriety test

When the officer’s request for you to perform field sobriety tests fails, he will ask you to blow into a breathalyzer. Again, you are not required to blow into it. This is important to know because In some cases, the police officer had no reason to pull you over in the first place and consenting to a breathalyzer test could show that you are over the limit, which gives the officer cause to arrest you. Keep in mind that it is possible to still get arrested if the officer has enough evidence to arrest you without the preliminary breathalyzer test.

Furthermore, it’s important to note that you are required to provide a chemical test if you are arrested, however. California has an implied consent law which means that if you refuse to submit to a chemical test you will be subject to a fine and automatic license suspension. So because of this, a breath, blood or urine test will be required if the police officer has built up enough evidence to arrest you for drinking and driving. Until the time comes where you are arrested for a DUI, you are within your rights to refuse any sobriety tests, though.

If the police officer has built up enough evidence to convict of you of Driving Under the Influence, you best bet is to consult a DUI lawyer who knows the ins and outs of DUI Law. Self-incriminating yourself is one of the top ways people get in trouble with the law. But even if you do, the Law Offices of Max Gorby can help you get out of any jam you find yourself in. In addition to working to keep our clients’ driver’s licenses valid, we’ve also helped thousands of clients stay out of jail and keep them out. We will do the same for you!

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Many people believe the common misconception that a police officer can pull you over for whatever reason he deems fit. Fortunately, the United States’ Constitution bars police officers from unreasonable search and seizure. This isn’t to say that there aren’t a few officers out there that can be a little overzealous, however. Regardless of the reason you may have been pulled over, the police officer must have probable cause.

Regarding DUIs, “probable cause” is considered to be sufficient reason based upon known or acquired factual information to believe that someone is not legal to be operating a motor vehicle. There are numerous ways that a police officer could justify claiming probable cause in order to pull over a vehicle. This includes, but is not limited to, driving in multiple lanes at once, swerving from lane to lane, speeding, driving excessively slowly, slamming on the brakes, or hesitating prior to going through a green light. Though these driving actions aren’t traffic violations, they provide a police officer with enough information to pull you over for suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

A police officer can also pull you over for any of a number of traffic violations. Some of them could be as petty as a burnt out license plate light or even a dull tail light. Yes, we know how petty that is just like we know how frustrating it can be to get pulled over because the left side of your custom license plate that reads “1AM KING” is a little dim. The fact of the matter however is that an officer of the law is within his right to pull you over to make sure you aren’t breaking any other laws. In addition,

When a police officer makes the decision to pull you over for something like a burnt out license plate light, it is his sole discretion on whether to do so or not. In the same way, they can also pull you over (per their discretion) for having your tint too dark, for having your music blasting too loud, for your engine being too noisy, or for not stopping long enough at a stop sign. Things such as these provide the police officer with enough probable cause to pull you over. They have to make sure that you are aware that you are not within the laws barriers. In addition, they have to make sure that you aren’t committing any other crimes. So before you try to make small talk with the cop asking you for your license and registration, keep in mind that he’s there because he made the discretionary call to be there at your car window. And before you ask him why he pulled you over, know that he definitely didn’t do it for no reason.

For these reasons, it’s a good idea to always make sure your car is not breaking the law. Make sure that all of your headlights, tail light, turn signals, and license plate lights are all in working order. Furthermore, you should make sure that your vehicle is routinely maintained by people who know much more than you know about cars and driving laws. Probable cause is just the first of multiple steps that could have you finding yourself in a position you never thought you would be in. The moment they pull you over is the moment that they feel they have (or think they have) probable cause to do so.

Upon pulling you over, the officer will try to make observations about your physicality as well as your behavior and demeanor. They will be paying close attention to your speech in order to make the determination of your alcohol intake. By talking, you are also giving the police officer a big whiff of your breath, which could give them enough information to request a field sobriety test. Furthermore, they will be looking to see if your eyes are red, bloodshot, or dilated. If any or all of these indicators are observant through the cop’s eyes, it would probably be a good idea to not say anything else besides, “may I please call my attorney?”.

Here at the Law Offices of Max Gorby, we specialize in determining exactly what constitutes probable cause. If, for any reason, you get pulled over and arrested for a DUI and you feel like the police officer had no right to pull you over in the first place, give us a call and we can investigate to see if the officer abided by the 4th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. If the police officer had no rhyme or reason to pull you over in the first place, he had no right to arrest you for anything either.

Probable cause is a very important part of a police officer’s case as it gives them the legal right to pull you over in the first place. If, for instance, you are driving down the road with a police officer tailgating you, and you know you have committed no crime, that officer has no reason to pull you over. But in the event that he does a reason to pull you over, the Law Offices of Max Gorby will do whatever it takes to fight for you. We understand that some people make mistakes. We aren’t here to be your judge, we are here to be your representation.

Please give us a call (323) 447-2819 at if you have any additional questions or concerns about your case or the case of loved one. We would be happy to have a sit down and talk about what we can do for you.

Defense Lawyer Los Angeles

The capability and experience of reputed and knowledgeable defense lawyer can positively help in accelerating otherwise bothersome and uncomfortable legal experiences when individuals are charged with DUI. In cases where you are charged with this kind of offense, a knowledgeable and experienced Defense Lawyer Los Angeles can guide you all throughout the case. This legal expert will be working with you to help you understand all parameters and stages and ensure that your rights are protected. Your life will surely be back on track if you hire and use the services of Defense Lawyer Los Angeles.

If you take time to navigate this website, you will learn what exactly this defense lawyer is doing and how this legal expert can help you succeed.

Defense Lawyer Los Angeles Helps Manage the Process

You do not really have to put your life in a complicated spot while charges are being sorted out. Even if you have already been charged with DUI, you still have works to do and some other jobs that need to be completed. Extra time that you have can’t be completely invested in making calls, filling sheets and attempting to figure out the status of the case. This is exactly where a defense lawyer Los Angeles can help. This lawyer will also be able to handle and take good care of the entire technicalities and handle legal side with efficiency and perfection.

Helps Analyze the Entire Situation

There are instances that some individuals were falsely accused of DUI and might have been pulled over with no solid evidence and without any reason at all. Regardless of what the case is, the outcome is that you actually have a charge against you and this can result to bad image and reputation. In scenarios like these, a defense lawyer can clearly and capably assess the severity or real status of the case. An experienced defense lawyer will also suggest the most suitable alternative measures which can help fight for your rights and prove your innocence. The lawyer will carefully study the case and will use all of his knowledge and experience to come up with the most informed decision.

With 18 years of experience as an attorney, Max B. Gorby is focused and committed toward providing aggressive and experienced representation at both of the firm’s local offices. If your case goes to trial, Attorney Gorby’s record of trial success can be invaluable. His motto “make hard work your ally and not your enemy” explains the firm’s determination, drive, and accountability in obtaining the best possible result for its clients. Mr. Gorby doesn’t hold back any punches when it comes to fighting for you and he will take the gloves off if necessary for each and every one of his clients.

Without the help of the best defense lawyer, you might seem like another law-breaker in the eyes of the legal court and this will surely have complicated consequences as far as the case is concerned. But if you are represented with a good defense lawyer Los Angeles, it would be a completely different picture. Even if this lawyer is unable to significantly influence, he is still capable of proving your innocence with his amazing knowledge and capabilities.

Max Gorby is known throughout the law community for being assertive, quick on his feet, and convincing.  He takes an aggressive, proactive approach to each case believing there is not a second to spare. When he meets clients for the first time, he accentuates the importance of meeting with the prosecutor right away in attempt to have charges dismissed or reduced before the initial court date. Every case is unique and must be evaluated on its own facts by an attorney with the training and experience to properly evaluate a case and fight on your behalf.

This entire website is dedicated to provide you with more essential information about what defense lawyers do as well as their field of specializations. You are free to visit this site, browse and discover many other helpful detail about Max Gorby, how to find him and how he will be able to help you with your situations and unique legal needs. Again, feel free to navigate our site to make yourself more acquainted with one of the best attorneys in Los Angeles. 

When you get arrested for a DUI, there are many things you will be fighting in the upcoming months. These include, but are not limited to, jail time, fines, alcohol classes, probation, and license suspension. Getting arrested for a DUI requires that the individual go to two different legal proceedings: one at criminal court and one with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Criminal court will dictate whether or not you will be going to jail, what fines you will have to pay, how much you must pay in restitution (if any), and how many weeks of alcohol classes you must sign up and pay for. The DMV hearing, on the other hand, determines whether or not you will be able to legally operate a motor vehicle.

Usually, the DMV hearing is the least of many people’s worries due to the harsh consequences they will be facing in criminal charges. But  even though the DMV hearing doesn’t have anything to do with jail time or fines, it doesn’t mean that it is irrelevant. In fact, license suspension can be one of the most annoying punishments that is passed down by the state if the individual doesn’t take care of it right away.

The moment you are arrested, the police officer will take away your driver’s license and issue you a “Notice of Suspension” that will act as a temporary license for about 30 days. This notice also gives you 10 days to request a DMV hearing to fight your suspension, but after those 10 days are up, your license is gone. For this reason, it’s best to take care of it immediately after you are released. If you do not retain an attorney to take care of this for you, it is in your best interest to do this before you do anything else. Because if you win your DMV hearing, you won’t lose your license regardless of what happens in criminal court.

If you neglect to contact the DMV for a hearing, your license will be suspended for one year following the thirty day notice on the form issued to you by the arresting law enforcement officer. If you do contact the DMV prior to the 10 days that you are allotted,  you or your attorney will have to go through the DMV hearing proceedings, which are nothing like the court proceedings you will be dealing with in the future.

Unlike criminal court, the DMV will have no judge, jury, or prosecutor. The Department of Motor Vehicles does not care whether or not you are guilty of driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics, their only concern is whether or not to allow you to keep your driving privilege valid. For the most part, the purpose of the DMV hearing is to gauge whether the arresting police officer acted within the bounds of the law when confiscating your driver’s license. If the court finds that the law enforcement officer was not justified in taking away your driver’s license, you get your license back and get to keep your driving privileges. If the hearing finds that the officer was warranted in his arrest and confiscation of your license, your license will be suspended for six months up to one year.

It is important to note however, that your license could be suspended for a longer period of time if there are aggravating factors associated with your DUI arrest. An aggravating factor is simply a term that is defined as any circumstance or fact that increases the severity of the criminal act. In the case of a DUI, for instance, a very high BAC, having a minor present in the vehicle, property damage, personal injury, and death would all be included aggravating factors. In the event that one of these aggravating factors is relevant, the DMV could request that your license be suspended longer.  

In the event that your license  does get suspended because you failed to file for the hearing or you lost your case at the hearing, your license suspension begins immediately. However, after 30 to 90 days of the suspension, the offender can apply for a restricted license upon completion of the terms set for by the DMV. In many cases, this includes classes that are designed to teach the offender the basics of their regrettable mistake and the ways they could have further hurt themselves or others. Anyway, an offender is eligible to get a restricted license for business purposes only upon completion of the what is agreed upon during the DMV hearing.

Again, the easiest way to prevent dealing with all of the consequences for drinking and driving is simply not drinking and driving. But if you do find yourself in the unfortunate situation of being required to go to a DMV hearing to fight for your license after being arrested for a DUI, it’s smart to contact an attorney who is experienced in issues such as this. Here at the Law Offices of Max Gorby, we know how important DMV hearings can be when it comes to your freedom, your privileges, and your future. In addition to fighting for you to keep your driving privileges, we will also be using the DMV hearing as a practice run for the real trial. All of the information you provide us in addition to the police report, witness accounts, and other circumstantial evidence will allow us to try our hand at the DMV hearing. This experience could prove to be invaluable to the criminal case that we will be facing in the coming months following the DMV hearing.

We understand how serious the charges are that you are facing and we don’t want you to have to battle the court system on your own. It can be very intimidating for a person who is unfamiliar with the law to attempt to fight it by themselves. Your best bet is to hire an attorney who specializes in DUI law. Even though you’ve made a mistake doesn’t mean you need to make a

nother one and try to take on the courts alone. In fact, we will show to the DMV hearing without you! If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding DMV hearings, call the Law Offices of Max Gorby at (323) 447- 2819.

In the state of California, DUI sobriety checkpoints are legal and are enforced regularly across the state. These checkpoints have been held valid under both the United States and California constitutions. The California Supreme Court has held that DUI checkpoints are considered “administrative inspections” much like airport screenings. Because of this, they are also considered exceptions to the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution’s unreasonable search and seizure law that mandates probable cause for an officer to pull someone over to initiate a DUI investigation.

If you don’t know what a DUI sobriety checkpoint is, it’s simply a portion of the road that is blocked off by a law enforcement agency to allow for officers to check proper credentials for driving a motor vehicle as well as check to make sure that no one is operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or an illegal substance. Usually, police in a given county will set up cones and warnings along the road forcing vehicles to merge into one or two lanes before coming to a stop. Due to all of the flashing lights and orange/yellow signs, a driver can usually see a DUI sobriety checkpoint coming long before they have to get in line to wait to be legally detained.

Once you roll up to where the police officers are, they will ask you to first roll down your window and then ask for your license and registrations much like they would if you got pulled over by cop traveling 90 miles per hour in a 45 mile per hour speed limit zone. Anyway, they have every right to judge your physicality and behavior as their job is to try to determine if you have been driving under the influence of alcohol.

They will do this by gauging the driver’s speech, smelling for alcohol on the driver’s breath, and looking to see if the driver’s eyes are glossy. If the police officer doesn’t see any signs of intoxication however, he has no probable cause to look further into a possible DUI charge. In other words, the police officer can’t detain someone for too long during a DUI checkpoint if that police officer doesn’t have any reason to believe that the driver is impaired.

It’s important to note that Law enforcement has to meticulously follow strict rules and regulations when it comes to sobriety checkpoints. Because DUI checkpoints are already questionably unlawful (depending on who you ask), there are strict guidelines set up for the police to follow to ensure that they stay within the bounds of the law. If the police do arrest someone without following the strict guidelines, the charges filed later could easily be dismissed even if the driver was driving under the influence f alcohol or drugs or driving with a BAC of .08 or higher. In fact, any lawyer in the state wouldn’t have a hard time getting a defendant out of a case that showed the police were unlawful in their procedures.

It’s also important to note that there is no law that says you have to participate in a DUI checkpoint if you are on the same road as a DUI checkpoint. Technically, you could turn around and take another route if you choose to do so as long as it is also legal and safe to do so. For instance, if you are driving up the road with your friends and you are already late to a concert and you see a checkpoint a couple hundred yards ahead of you, you can turn around to avoid it if you would like to. The catch however, is that if you do choose to turn around to avoid a DUI checkpoint, a police officer could use their own discretion and suggest that you were displaying obvious signs of intoxication when you turned your vehicle around to avoid being checked out for intoxication. Though it would technically be illegal for the police officer to do so, you could be in for a long and bad night even though the charges wouldn’t necessarily stick.

Know that it’s too late to refuse a law enforcement officer’s instructions after they ask you to roll down your window during a DUI checkpoint. It is illegal to refuse to comply, so the moment that a cop starts talking to you through your window, you are obligated by California state law to follow his directions. If you have been drinking, and the police officer catches that you have, you will, more than likely, be arrested for a DUI and your car will be impounded.

For this reason, the smartest thing to do is simply to not drink and drive. If you find yourself in jail following an arrested at a DUI checkpoint, another smart decision would be to retain a DUI attorney as soon as possible. A smart DUI lawyer will investigate to see whether any of the legal requirements are not met by the local law enforcement agency. If just one of them is sloppy or not adequately implemented, the entire case could be dismissed regardless of what charges you may or may not be facing.

At the Law Offices of Max Gorby, our goal is to try to keep our clients out of jail and out of trouble. We understand that sometimes people make mistakes–it is human nature. We also understand that in the event that someone does make a mistake, they are innocent until proven guilty, and that the laws put forth by the Constitution of the United States allow you to have a right to a fair trial. Since the state is using more than qualified attorneys to prove your guilt, it’s only fair for you to use a more than qualified attorney to prove your innocence. Feel free to contact our law offices for any additional questions or concerns at (323) 447-2819.

If you or any member of the family is pulled over for suspicion of driving under the influence, the best thing you can do is to look for DUI lawyer. It’s not a good idea to admit guilt to anyone before talking to an attorney because the guilt you feel may not correspond with the United States Constitution. Getting a lawyer right away could have a remarkable effect on your future. Pleading guilty before you have an experienced attorney look at all of your options could theoretically have you punished regardless of if you are legitimately guilty or not.

Once you retain a DUI lawyer, you have also simultaneously retained a law dictionary on what the best course of action is moving forward. It’s smart to hire a professional for anything that’s important in your life, including your future. It’s safe to assume that you wouldn’t try to perform a surgery on yourself by yourself, right? In most cases, you would hire a professional to do so because he has tens of thousands of hours of experience that you don’t. In the same way, hire a qualified attorney to fight your battle in court for you as he has extensive experience in that area and that arena. Knowing what you should and shouldn’t do before you show up in court is a large part of of getting your case reduced significantly or dismissed entirely. So just do yourself a favor and hire an attorney.  

Qualified attorneys like Max Gorby are knowledgeable on all issues concerning DUI charges and are in the best position to provide the best defense. Trying to tackle the case by yourself is bad decision unless you went to law school yourself. The law is complicated so make sure you can locate and acquire a skilled and knowledgeable DUI attorney like Max Gorbey with the know-how to utilize and manipulate the law to your advantage.A DUI lawyer will provide the best guidance and advice on how to proceed based on the circumstances and will provide representation throughout the entirety of legal process starting with the DMV hearing so that you can keep your license valid.

A DUI lawyer like Max Gorby has the needed experience and the know-how to go about getting proof and evidence to assist in you in your DUI case. To make a strong case, a strong DUI attorney will obtain all of the necessary evidence relating to the arrest circumstances. Most situations surrounding a DUI require an investigation regarding the circumstances of your case. For instance, sometimes taking pictures of the the roads you were driving on could impact your case depending on what’s written on the police report by the arresting officer.

A competent DUI lawyer like Max Gorby knows the right questions to ask as well as what evidence to present so as to build a strong case. Their job is to be able to find discrepancies or inaccuracies in the documentations or procedural inadequacies that could assist when building the case.  For instance, if you were pulled over for “almost” hitting the curb in your lane, you could get your case dismissed by filing a motion to suppress arguing that the 4th Amendment to the Constitution was breached. “Almost” doesn’t count in a court of law so anything that occurred thereafter would prove irrelevant. Obviously, there are other variables that could play a role in influencing the outcome of the case, so retaining an excellent DUI attorney is crucial to future of your life.

It’s  extremely essential to consult a DUI lawyer like Max Gorby as soon as possible to ensure a better chance of keeping your license and staying out of jail. In Los Angeles, there are lots of law firms that offer this kind of service, just make sure to hire one that has years of experience, positive case results, and an excellent track record. It’s very important to find an attorney who knows people just as much as he knows his occupation. Knowing prosecuting attorneys and sitting judges is important in anyone’s case. In addition, it’s important to know the tactics that the opposing side could use against you. Here at the Law Offices of Max Gorby, we have a healthy and strong rapport with many of the attorneys and judges in Los Angeles county. This has proven to be invaluable in a courtroom.

In short, the reason you should retain an attorney is because you do want to go into a battle for your future by yourself. Though the court will appoint an attorney to you if you cannot afford one, these public defenders have a lot on their plate. This isn’t to say that these guys don’t work hard, it’s just that they normally get paid by salary and have such a large workload that they cannot concentrate on each case the way that they wish they could.

For example, would you want an attorney working on your case that has 20 other clients that range from misdemeanor DUI charges to first degree felony charges, or a lawyer with less clients who specializes in the kind of case you are burdened with? The odds are that you would prefer an attorney who will either pick up the phone or call you back every time you try to get ahold of him. Just like any relationship, a good attorney like Max Gorby will not leave you hanging.  If you are going to retain an attorney, retain the best.

Contact the Law Offices of Max Gorby and find out what it’s like to have an excellent DUI lawyer on your side. For any additional questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at (323) 447 – 2819. 

Once you get caught with a DUI for drugs or alcohol, it could create a huge impact on your personal and professional life as well. Aside from criminal charges, there is also a possibility having your driver’s license confiscated. The main reason why people get legal help after being arrested for driving under the influence is to make sure that they are not sentenced to jail. But money is another reason why you should pick up a DUI lawyer. Many would agree that paying a lawyer is much better than paying for fines especially considering that those fines could easily cost up to twice the amount it would cost to pay a highly qualified attorney.

Clearing off the DUI case with least impacts

A DUI lawyer has the proper knowledge and understanding of state rules and regulations. Any experienced lawyer will know if the case has a chance to be dismissed after doing some investigating and reading the police report. They also know how serious the risk could be in fighting the charges.  They also ensure that you get lowest penalty and don’t get into any type of serious trouble. Depending on the case, a qualified DUI lawyer should be able to, at the very least, reduce your charges if they can’t get them dismissed altogether.

Building up good communication

The main objective of a DUI lawyer in Los Angeles is to assist you on the charges filed against you in whatever way possible. So, you have to be completely honest with them in order to give yourself the best chance at beating your case. Though not all DUI cases result in jail time, preventing the first DUI on your record will help if another case is to ever unfortunately occur.  Your best bet in doing this is to retain an attorney. Though I may be sounding like a broken record, if you are still reading this article, hopefully you are seeing a trend here…

Finding a good attorney isn’t as easy as many people might think. Careful, thorough research while spending time reviewing a potential DUI lawyer’s profile is required in order to find the best DUI lawyer in Los Angeles. What is more, they are extremely careful on the privacy and confidentiality of their clients. They never break your faith and never divulge any type of information to other parties without consent. Therefore, you can be at peace due to the fact that you know that all your personal information that you given to your legal representative are just extremely safe.

In addition to the above mentioned benefits, some of the law firms provide you discounts and credit payment plans which can greatly help you from the strain of getting their services as well as paying them fees. In essence, getting the service of a knowledgeable and specialized DUI attorney for your defense in the court of law is indeed the most excellent option. So, do not wait up, call them immediately and clear off all the driving under the influence of drug or alcohol offence charges from your driving records! In Los Angeles, there are lots of companies that cater for this kind of service.

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